What we do


We organize courses focusing on information technology and soft skills. In addition to the formal training, we provide opportunities to participate in part-time real technology projects (paid internships).


Offering help with tailoring CVs for various positions within the IT sector, interview preparation, career counselling, providing career coaching and mentoring. We welcome partnerships and support business networking.


We encourage people to work with technology and focus on self-improvement. Guiding teachers, students and the public to bring them closer to computer science; predominantly girls and women who often do not choose this direction.


Supporting diversity in a variety of ways, from selecting our lecturers to introducing successful role models with different technical specialisation in our podcasts or during tech-themed meet-ups. We embrace differences.

Our vision

We want to help break the ‘women-can’t-tech myth’. We want to demonstrate that in order to succeed in tech you don’t necessarily need university education, more importantly the passion to learn, the correct information resources and above all perseverance and grit to succeed. We passionately believe we could help encourage our current education system to change in order to make it more up-to-date, relevant and more connected with professional practice.

People are not born with talent in technology, although some like to believe it. We want to dispel this myth by teaching our students essential and practical things for work in Tech. We do not teach people to program without context or to manage software development projects without programming knowledge. We teach future skills. Whoever has the desire to succeed in the labour market tomorrow must learn today.

Every fifth job advertised in the Košice region is within the field of information technology. 93% of jobs in the EU require digital skills today. Whilst many future positions do not exist yet, we can confidently say their evolution will go hand in hand with developing technology. In the IT sector, salaries are double that of the average Slovak wage. One of our goal is to better the lives of our fellow Slovaks! The GDP of the Information technology sector is at least two times higher compared to other sectors in Slovakia therefore the more Slovaks work in IT, the better our economy is performing.

Slovak women form a large part of the workforce, which has the potential to help fill the labour shortage in the IT sector in our country. We believe that we will contribute to achieving a 30% share of students in technical faculties and at least 30% share of women in IT working in technical positions. Let’s get to a position where we are not asked ‘what it’s like to be a woman programmer’, but simply ‘what it’s like to be a programmer’.

Our values

Who we are

Lenka graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics in Bratislava. During her studies, she co-founded the startup estyler.sk. Later, she worked in an international tech company as a Project Manager and within her 12 years experience in Tech, she also worked as a Software Development Business Analyst, Team Leader and UX Designer. She lived 2 years in London working on digital projects for prestigious clients such as Audi and Westfield Shopping Centers. Lenka is the author of the first Slovak motivational and educational book for women interested in Tech called Female Algorithm. In 2018, she worked as a consultant in the non-profit organization Aj Ty IT (motivating girls and women into Tech). In 2019, she became Google Certified Trainer for Education, is the national leader of the Lean In Initiative in Slovakia founded by Sheryl Sanberg, and provides consultancy in diversity and inclusion issues.

Ivet graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Technical University of Košice. She has been working as the only woman Software Engineer in the team for 14 years. During that time she has had the opportunity to work in multinational teams on large projects for international companies as well as to fulfill the role of technical “one woman show” in various small startups in Slovakia and Finland. In her spare time she actively devotes herself to the expert volunteering – working with civic associations and non-profit organizations to help them create information systems, websites and other digital products. Among the best known is her cooperation with the Freedom for Animals (Sloboda Zvierat), also AjTyvIT, LEAF or DePaul. The nationwide campaign in cooperation with the homeless shelter DePaul called “Adopt a Bed, Save Life” has even won several awards.